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Being Out on a School Night

I really need my coffee this morning.

Why on earth was this 40-something single mom out so late? I was making memories with my daughter.

One of my Christmas gifts for her was a promise to take her to see Crown the Empire. And months ago I knew this was a School Night. Still this morning it wasn’t easy to get up and move…for her, myself or her best friend who went with us and spent the night.

Call me crazy. I am not insane though. It was a fun night. Way more fun for the teens than me. This was their music and they were fan girls the whole night. And not just about Crown the Empire. The other bands on the bill included Asking Alexandria and Black Veil Brides. Ever heard of them? Well, not this mom!

I love music and any of my friends know I listen to so many genres and styles of music and many of my favorites are obscure or little known artists.

I love finding new music. And even more, I love gifting my children with music and memories…especially when we do them together.

So, being out so late you might wonder if I was a stick in the mud mom frowning all night or some crazy mom from the movie, Mom’s Night Out. Well, I hope neither.

On the way to the venue I shared what they might expect.

I checked to see if they wanted to be in or near “the pit” and were prepared to feel pain. I got all the mom warnings out of the way and set basic ground rules. What a great plan. It helped us just ease in and enjoy the night.

We didn’t have any pit mishaps because they didn’t go close. That made me happy because I got to enjoy the bands and find joy in the joy my daughter was having.

I kept them hydrated and me caffeinated.

CTE was great. Maybe not my first choice in music but I loved their performance, their interaction with the crowd, and lyrically, I actually was sucked in. Who knew I could like Emo?!?!

Asking Alexandria was MY favorite in the lineup. I will be updating my YouTube channel with videos later in the week so you can see what I saw and loved.

And notice…we were nowhere near the pit. Ha ha.

What do we do when waiting for the headliner to go on? Why cut up a bit of course. I do love that girl of mine and her bestie just makes me smile too. I found out she really has only been to one concert before. So what a great for me to give her this experience and be part of this memory of hers in the making.

Black Veil Brides although my least favorite seemed to be a huge favorite in this crowd. I can’t wait to listen to more. I may be missing something still. It seems like their older stuff sounds different than the newer and bands have these evolutions. U2 and Madonna did this to me. So perhaps, BVB has something worth diving deeper into. I felt like I should be hearing them on TV or movie soundtracks. Especially ones that target the younger Emo listening audience…ahem, millenials?

Either way, I loved being out late on a School Night and can’t wait to find another excuse to do it. Especially if I am with my girl.

Did I look like a stick in the mud? I really had a great time discovering new music and making memories.

Watch for my video channel updates post editing.

Any new music suggestions?



I am a 40-something, single, working mom who surrounds herself with a motley crew of family and friends. Here is my place to share musings, discoveries, learnings, and stories of my zany life. I am blessed to continually learn and love sharing with others. My quiet time centers around large cups of coffee. While sipping this manna from God, I get inspired and motivated. So grab your cup and sip with me. Love and blessings! Michelle

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