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Managing Mondays-When one call can change a game plan

This past weekend, I did the usual on Saturday morning. I put together a meal plan and did some make ahead meals for the week. I wanted to make the week easy as possible because I have lots of twists and turns that may be happening in work and life. In the effort to control what I can and reduce stress I cooked. Have I ever shared that being in my kitchen is a joy to me? Cooking relaxes me. More often than not, I cook from memory and my menus often reflect my mood. The temperatures have been cooler and stresses bring on the desire for comfort foods. I made a few of those things (all gluten free of course):

  • Baked Macaroni and Cheese
  • Tator Tot Casserole
  • Jambalaya
  • Chili

Today, at the end of a crazy Monday, I am glad I did. I only had time to dish up a serving at moments when I was so hungry I couldn’t focus, pop the dish in the microwave, devour and get back in the game. Ever have a day like That? Yeah. Me too.

And as I ended my long day, I took a look at my weekly plan and this little gem was staring at me.

Yep! My turn to fulfill my civic duty. Maybe. That is the part that adds stress. I will not know until Wednesday evening when I make the call to find out if I will be selected for jury duty.

So, how does one plan for the unknown? It is the unexpected to always expect. Right? And if I do have to go, what do they tell you to plan for? Well, they have a list. And I found some of this amusing. In my mind a lot of it is logical. The website is quite specific. Perhaps folks just do not know. Like the, “caution: contents may be hot” warning label on a coffee lid. People don’t always think. Nor do they read ahead. I guess I do though.

The website gave the following guidelines:

  • Business Casual: no shorts, tank tops, torn jeans (Really? People have tried this?)
  • It may be chilly in some areas of the courthouse, so they suggest wearing layers like sweaters and light jackets
  • Bring a book or something to do because there may be a lot of down time waiting (this one made me pause. Something to do is vague and I wonder if people crochet and knit or do crosswords too. Would anyone bring nothing at all?)

I haven’t had to do this in quite a while and the tips on the site were great for the most part. That clothing bit had me laughing out loud. I wonder if people get sent home for failing to adhere to the guidelines. And Does it count against them As if they failed to appear? Does anyone know?

I have a plan…or a list. I can’t stand starting the week without something thought through for this potential plot twist.

When I call and if I find out I am going in the next day, I have a list of things I have to do for work and home. I have to put into effect how my daughter will get to and from school as well as contingency plans if I am selected to be on a long-term jury. And as for work, I have another list on who gets to do what while I am out for one day. And there is another brainstorm list if I get lucky for a longer jury sit in what I need to do quickly to set expectations and provide delegation of work.

Oh the joys of jury duty!

Now that I have my tentative planning adjustments set for the “just in case” my mind has started to imagine what case I might be asked to help decide. Isn’t that fun?

Or will I call Wednesday evening to find out my list making and planning wasn’t needed after all?

It is good to practice plan than panic. Right? Or am I just planning crazed? You tell me. I feel better prepared no matter what.

Have you served on a jury? What can I look forward to?



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One thought on “Managing Mondays-When one call can change a game plan

  1. I have also gotten the dread “notice to serve”, once while still in Az and again after moving back to Oregon. I did proceed in the selection process far enough to be excused by the judge in Phoenix, I was not selected to serve in either instance. I took along my crocheting to both dates. Yes, it is my thing to take when I am traveling, sitting/waiting. They did confiscate my little scissors (I got them back when I left) that I use to clip yarn as I work, but I was able to utilize a small nail clipper for the job. Most people brought laptops and such, this was before the age of “Smart Phones” and almost all had a book in some form. Check online, I believe they have a list of items you can and cannot take while waiting. Good Luck and I hope you enjoy your Adventure!


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