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Vision-On Writing

When I sip coffee in my favorite spot, my chair in my bedroom, I have a clear view of my vision board, and the mess around me. My major goal today is to tackle the mess. And I will right after my coffee.

For now, I am meditating on the section of my board that has a big “W” on it. Write and Create. My eyes have honed in on that section every morning this week. And let me tell you it is eating at me. I aspire to write all the time. I think about writing. I dream about it. And I write. I fail to do it consistently and diligently. I follow writers on social media whom I hold in high regards to gain inspiration and motivation. I have a bookshelf full of books on the craft. I have notebooks full of ideas.

A couple of days ago, I argued with myself while sipping coffee. The same excuses of many aspiring writers came up for debate:

  • Not enough time
  • Work and Family consume me
  • I probably suck
  • I need a class
  • I need a plan
  • I need
  • I can’t

And a few sips later I was on the web looking at writing classes and retreats. I even went on Etsy to look for writer and blogger planning tools.

Last night I was in my mess of an office mentally planning for my blog series and shuffled through a few things in my bookshelf.

I found a binder and inside it was the hard copy of a draft manuscript that I have done nothing more than move around, pack, and unpack in a couple of years. I stood there and read a few pages. I realized I don’t suck. I can write. Pretty darn well. And I need to stop making excuses.

So in my journey of creating an organize crafting space, it will have not just planner crafting, it will include planning to write and space that encourages that craft.

I plan to dust off the manuscript and see if it should be revised or set aside to allow these other characters and their stories dancing around my head to be told.

As for classes and retreats…well, I have the best retreat right here: my favorite chair in my favorite corner of the house and that office next door. I just need to remove the mess, keep meditating on my vision, and well, write.

Time to tackle the mess…right after I finish this cup of coffee. Happy Saturday.



I am a 40-something, single, working mom who surrounds herself with a motley crew of family and friends. Here is my place to share musings, discoveries, learnings, and stories of my zany life. I am blessed to continually learn and love sharing with others. My quiet time centers around large cups of coffee. While sipping this manna from God, I get inspired and motivated. So grab your cup and sip with me. Love and blessings! Michelle

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