Managing Mondays -Remembering Mom

I actually enjoy sipping coffee at all times of the day. I probably should have decaf after noon but I never do. My mother and grandmother had a pot consistently ready to drink all day long. I am not quite that dedicated. It is not unusual to drink coffee past noon nor is it unusual to be sipping it in the evening. I have been thinking about my weekly spread a lot this past week. Today is my late mother’s birthday. We like to celebrate birthdays all week long in this family. So this week is in memory of her. … Continue reading Managing Mondays -Remembering Mom

Managing Mondays-Mom Priorities

It is coffee time! Quiet time is so very precious to me. And this time at the beginning of every week as I sip coffee feels paramount to how the week can go. I take time to think on all that I need to do plus what I would like to do. It is my way of getting out of the bed on the right side. The past few weeks have been a struggle in changing priorities and I have had to shift even more to remembering what matters most. This focus adds a perspective like no other. I want … Continue reading Managing Mondays-Mom Priorities

Weekly Meal Planning

As I sip coffee I am thinking about my meal plan for the week and I am disappointed in myself. I just don’t know what sounds good this week. And when I ask the family they aren’t offering up many suggestions. Usually today is a batch cook day where I spend my afternoon making a prepare and cook meals for the whole week. Not today. I am having friends and family over to barbecue. Sometimes I throw planning days to the wind and this is one of those days. I am sitting and looking at the blank half page for … Continue reading Weekly Meal Planning

Managing Mondays-Post Easter Edition

It is Monday and I am sipping my coffee meditating on this past weekend and the busy week ahead. Although my children are older, we still hold tight to traditions. Good Friday I took Friday off in order to bake cinnamon rolls. My grandmother Claire and I spent every Good Friday I can remember elbow deep in flour, cinnamon, and sugar making dozens of cinnamon rolls that we shared with family and friends Easter weekend. I am horrible at remembering the entire reason other than it having to do with yeast on Good Friday. I know that many people make … Continue reading Managing Mondays-Post Easter Edition

Tuesday Thoughts – FAKE NEWS, Family Circle, and Elvis

Yesterday, while sipping coffee and picking up around the house I finally scanned the cover of my recently delivered Family Circle magazine. Note: This post is the result. I want to stress that I am writing this as a part of self-reflection and how this article impacted me personally. I am expressing my personal views. Please do not share this as a fact based article. The links I’m sharing are part of the research and certainly not the be all and end all sources for the topics that I’m discussing.. (Sad that I feel I even have to include this … Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts – FAKE NEWS, Family Circle, and Elvis

Managing Monday-Let’s Talk About Lists, Baby!

As I near the end of March, I start thinking about April. Planning does that to me. I see the next month coming as the pages turn. Ugh! My mind goes into overdrive. To control the chaos, I start thinking about monthly goals, important events and I make lists. Lists help me focus and allow me to be distracted by things in the process. My kids send me texts or come to the door of my room and interrupt. My dogs don’t care that I am in planning mode. If they want affection they get right in my face or … Continue reading Managing Monday-Let’s Talk About Lists, Baby!

Corned Beef and Cabbage (Gluten Free) – Cooking Once and Eating Twice (or thrice)

While sipping coffee this morning I gathered the following list of ingredients: 1 Flat Cut Corned Beef package (3-4 pounds) 2 pounds of red potatoes, halved 1 large onion (peeled and cut into large sections) 1 pound of baby carrots … Continue reading Corned Beef and Cabbage (Gluten Free) – Cooking Once and Eating Twice (or thrice)

Managing Mondays-When one call can change a game plan

This past weekend, I did the usual on Saturday morning. I put together a meal plan and did some make ahead meals for the week. I wanted to make the week easy as possible because I have lots of twists and turns that may be happening in work and life. In the effort to control what I can and reduce stress I cooked. Have I ever shared that being in my kitchen is a joy to me? Cooking relaxes me. More often than not, I cook from memory and my menus often reflect my mood. The temperatures have been cooler … Continue reading Managing Mondays-When one call can change a game plan