Vacation-The Rock Boat Recap

As I am sipping coffee I recognize that I still need to tell you all about the World’s Best Floating Music Festival, The Rock Boat. Remember when I was worried about what to pack? I made list after list planning for themes, the days before in New Orleans, and fluctuating weather. I was nearly obsessed because I didn’t want to bring “cranky” along on that trip. Why the Worry? For the past 18 years, I have budgeted and reserved this special time for me. What started as an opportunity to have a fan girl weekend with my favorite band, Sister … Continue reading Vacation-The Rock Boat Recap

Being Out on a School Night

I really need my coffee this morning. Why on earth was this 40-something single mom out so late? I was making memories with my daughter. One of my Christmas gifts for her was a promise to take her to see Crown the Empire. And months ago I knew this was a School Night. Still this morning it wasn’t easy to get up and move…for her, myself or her best friend who went with us and spent the night. Call me crazy. I am not insane though. It was a fun night. Way more fun for the teens than me. This … Continue reading Being Out on a School Night

Strong Women

I have mentioned my maternal grandmother, Claire, in previous posts. She is my inspiration as well as my spiritual and life mentor. Even though she is no longer present here on Earth, she continues on in all aspects of my life. It is because of her that Strength and Dignity are my 2018 words clearly described in my Vision board on each area of my life. I come from a family of strong women. Strong in faith. Strong in spirit. Strong in heart. My grandmother’s sister, Nelly was another great inspiration. These two sisters had amazing stories and left with … Continue reading Strong Women

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I am sipping coffee and contemplating why I always have loved Valentine’s Day. I find it to be one that can evoke many feelings based on your personal season in life. Many of us as children exchanged cards and candy with classmates. We all had those teachers that creatively guided us through many art projects made from the shape of a heart. My mother (I miss her on holidays) never missed an opportunity on any holiday, even St. Patrick’s Day and 4th of July, to give gifts. When I woke up on these “little” holidays, I would make a beeline … Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day!